Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making decisions based solely on religious belief

This is why I can't tolerate religion.  We don't live in a vacuum and decisions of others affect the rest of us.  When people don't mind polluting the environment and participating in wars, since the end of the world is coming anyway, we see a lack of motivation to make the world a better place based on spurious beliefs.  

We find creationists demanding that we "teach the controversy", and children end up believing that the Bible holds the same evidential merit as hard scientific evidence.  The physician you are seeing may have very little understanding of evolution and not believe in it.  Medical schools generally do not teach evolutionary biology even though it is the very foundation of biology.  One wonders how much of this has to do with religion.

Obviously, people that demand no separation of church and state don't realize what they are asking for, or don't care about the consequences.  They want a theocracy, where people lose the very freedoms that America was founded upon.  The separation  of church and state actually protects the rights of a Christian more than hinders them. 

 Anyone else sick of hearing about Christians complaining that they are like some  mistreated minority here in the U.S.?   By far, atheists are the minority with a much smaller voice.  Although, I do think we are kicking ass in places like YouTube;  we are getting the message out at very little financial cost to us.  But, I digress.

I'm not a big supporter of abortion but wanting it banned just because of religious conviction is not a good reason.  You need to be able to make an argument based on evidence and sound judgment.   I believe that abortions can have devastating effects on the mother and many other members of the family but so can having a child that you are not capable of providing for.  In cases of rape and incest, albeit a minority of cases, should a woman really be forced to carry a fetus to term that was often violently and inappropriately forced upon her? Christian lawmakers would say an unequivocal, "yes" simply based on religious grounds.

We also make poor decisions in our personal relationships when we base them on religious belief.  We stop taking personal responsibility for the way we treat others since we can always ask for God's forgiveness in the end.  We fail to realize what little time we have on earth before it's all over.  

Some people place their children in Christian schools simply because it's a Christian school.  Millions attend religious events on a weekly basis, spending often multiple days of the week at a religious event; they spend hard earned money on tithes and Christian paraphernalia all because they have this baseless belief.  I'm sure the world would be a much better place if we all devoted our time and efforts to real issues.