Sunday, July 4, 2010

Moderator Owns

This video covers and quickly demolishes the majority of arguments that Christians use. The last portion of the video, from about eight minutes till the end, is what I spend the majority of the time arguing with Christians about (they just can't get it). They just don't understand that God and Jesus are both responsible parties for the violence perpetrated in the O.T, since they are supposedly the same deity. Unless, Christians are willing to embrace the notion of a polytheistic god. But, Jesus makes it very lucid that he and the father are one. The video addresses the immorality of the O.T. god versus the N.T.. It also addresses the fact that Christian's pick and choose what parts of the Bible to follow. At one point in the video, the moderator talks about the ten commandments and how important Christians think they are to America today and our justice system. Paradoxically, they don't condemn people to death for working on the sabbath as the O.T. suggests.

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