Thursday, July 21, 2011

God just isn't worth worshipping

It’s been well stated by the likes of The A-Unicornist that the only thing worse than a god that doesn’t exist is a god that might as well not exist. I would like to look at this from yet a different angle and suggest that god just isn’t worth worshipping regardless if he exists or not. I’m going to look at this from a human perspective because that happens to be the only perspective available to me. I can’t very well step into god’s shoes and look at it from his perspective. If he exists, he already knows that good and well. I’m simply going to use the brain that he supposedly gave me to assess his worthiness as a deity that deserves worship. To do this, I’m going to ask some simple questions.

First, I have to ask is a god that kills, or at least functions as an accomplice, my fellow humans worthy of my worship? I don’t think so. He lacks any respect for the species that I call my own. Throughout history, he has shown time and time again that he holds a total disregard for our species. We can look at natural disasters as a prime example. If he has omnipotence, he is capable of controlling the weather. Some Christians pray for rain, suggesting that he can turn the weather on and off as he so pleases. Yet, it goes without saying that untold numbers have died as the result of devastating tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes and many others natural disasters.

When looking at the Bible, assuming that it has any historical merit whatsoever, we find that god doesn’t hold any punches. Infants, children and women are subject to his unrestricted wrath. How can a god expect humans to respect him if he lacks any sort of respect for our species? If he is willing to destroy children, he is equally willing to destroy you at any given moment.

In many ways, god seems more like the devil than the devil. God is the one who controls everything; Satan just sits in the background and occasionally whispers diabolical thoughts into our ears. God has killed more people directly than Satan ever thought about. I can’t help but think that Satan is down there, wherever that is, eating a bag of popcorn and watching god wipe out entire civilizations. He has to be gods biggest fan. I mean just look at what god does to children. He allows African children to starve to death, he aborts babies via miscarriage, he gives children terminal cancer and the list goes on and on. God is certainly the source of unbridled suffering because he’s the one who holds all the power. The innocent depend on him to save them from the wrath of the wicked but help rarely comes. We could take the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri recently as a example.

The fact that god doesn’t take care of children was one of the main reasons I began my de-conversion process. There was no point in praying for others, or my own needs, when he refuses to prevent the suffering of children. It simply made no sense to pray for my petty problems when god allowed children to die of malnutrition, disease, devastation of war and natural disasters. I just do not find this god appealing or worthy of my worship. Prayer is the main way Christians communicate with god, and it became a frivolous undertaking.


  1. Kind of reminds me of Christopher Hitchens talking about the perversity of the story of Abraham nearly sacrificing his son. He said that if God asked him to kill his son to show his loyalty, he'd say, "Fuck you!"

  2. I would like to comment and say that most - if not all - of the things you attributed to God are not God's doing at all. I am a Christian and I want to provide a little background on the truth about God. I'm going to use the Bible as my basis because that is the only true source of information on God.

    You are right. Humans cannot possibly step into the mind of God. It's impossible. How could you ever fit the ocean into a soda can? You can't. We won't ever be able to understand Him which is one of the things that is so wondrous, yet mysterious about Him. We are people, how could we ever understand the one who knitted us in our mother's womb?

    First, God does not kill nor does he act as an accomplice. In many cases in the Bible (as with Job) he ALLOWS satan to kill. He does not work with him. Why he does that, only God knows. Yet he has a plan (way beyond what we can see) and works for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). And not what we consider good, but what he considers good. If you read the Bible which I challenge you to, you will be amazed at how merciful God is. I was when I first read it. I understand what you're saying because I thought the same things.

    You've probably heard of the story of Adam and Eve. They disobeyed God’s command and were punished. As I'm sure you know, there are consequences to everything we do. Generally the good things we do result in good consequences and the bad result in bad consequences -- maybe not immediately, but in the end the action will result in a consequence.
    This sin is why we have death. It is why people kill each other mercilessly every day. It is why we have natural disasters and war. It is why some people have an abundance of food and others have none. We try to take matters into our own hands. It says this all in Genesis 1-3.

    The mess of this world is not caused by God. It was caused by us because of the choice he let us make. But God did not just leave us to condemnation and death after Adam and Eve sinned. He sent Jesus who died on the cross in order that we not have to suffer hell and eternal separation from God.

    The reason we can't be separated from God and why God doesn't want us to be separated from Him is because He knows we need him. You may not believe it, but deep down you know there is a God. You may deny it, but God is alive and working in people's lives today. Not as an accomplice, but as a companion and one who guides. I would not have commented on this article if I did not stake my life on this simple truth -- that God is who He says He is.

    Just because we cannot see God does not mean he doesn't exist. We can't see wind yet we believe in it because we can feel it and we see its effects. We can't see gravity, but we know its there because it is holding everything down.

    Jesus says in John 20:29 "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

    And Romans 1:20 "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."

    No one knows why some people suffer tremendously and others do not. That has always been the question of those who believe in God and those who do not. But there will be a day when ALL of those who believe in God will go up with Him and never have to suffer again. That is why God calls all Christians to go out and tell people about him so that they can have the hope that we have, even if they are suffering.

    2 Peter 3:9 "The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

  3. (cont. of previous post)

    You don't have to believe me. I'm not asking that you do. But God is the only one who will love you unconditionally. He will take care of your needs (not necessarily wants, but sometimes those too) when you call on Him. He doesn't care about what bad things you've down or what bad things you are going to do. He made YOU. And He wants YOU. All you have to do is believe that He is who he says He is. He will wipe your slate clean and give you a new beginning -- a new life.

    Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    Thank you for reading.