Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Wondering

Why did many people in the Bible purportedly get the opportunity to know Jesus firsthand, while I do not.  Many of these people probably had the opportunity to change their mind from skeptic to believer directly as a result of witnessing many miracles of Christ, including the resurrection.  Meanwhile, I get a book to read that may or may not have an accurate depiction of Christ.  I mean just look at what's at stake.  Heaven and hell are in the balance but not every man has even remotely the same opportunity to validate Christ as genuine.  Isn't the main crux of the issue for most skeptics centered primarily on the supernatural claims of the Bible?  It would of been nice to see these firsthand:  Jesus multiplying fish and bread to feed thousands;  zombies roaming Jerusalem; Jesus resurrecting from the dead; Jesus ascending into heaven,...etc.   I've never witnessed anything else remotely like the aforementioned events.  Why aren't Christians doing the same kinds of miracles today?  To me, it just makes the stories seem all the more implausible.  

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