Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do Not Judge God

These are the words I hear quite often when I point out the atrocities of the Old Testament. Why can't I judge his actions? We judge each other by what we do even more than by what we say, if we're smart. How are we supposed to understand god or decide if he is someone we want to have a relationship with if we can't even judge his character by his actions? He doesn't make any personal appearances these days but he does make quite a splash in the O.T.. I know that some Christians would say that the reasoning for his actions are so far above our understanding, and we are like mere ants compared to him. But, were the stories in the Bible not god's way of communicating his nature to us? When he orders the annihilation of all that breaths, he is revealing a part of his personality and character. It's a part that I can't understand or admire. The answer to my concern usually consists of someone telling me to "not judge god." I can't help but to have an automatic emotional response of disgust regardless of conscious judgment. Humans have an innate desire to protect the young and the helpless. We all hate to hear stories of people abusing children because they are such helpless, innocent creatures. So, why would god order the destruction of these helpless creatures? Furthermore, why do so many Christians find no problem with those actions?

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