Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faith Vs. Evidence

The hallmark of Christianity is faith and only faith. Christians must believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead with faith and faith alone. The apologists who try to assert that there is evidence for this event are only fooling themselves. According to many scriptures, god wouldn’t want to give us substantial evidence of the event because our ability to use faith exclusively would be compromised—maybe this is why there are four different stories of the events surrounding Jesus’ death. This may be why there is no contemporaneous or archaeological evidence of the numerous major events that happened in the Bible. The lack of archaeological evidence for the Exodus event comes to mind; This is not mentioning the 400 years of slavery that preceded the escape. The fact that there are no records, or secular eye witness testimony of events like the dead resurrecting after Jesus’ resurrection comes to mind. A parade of zombies wandering about Jerusalem would have been an event worth noting. Faith is SO important that you will end up in Hell if you fail to exercise it and trust in the object of that faith as your god. Evidence gives everything away; things are no longer blurry but focused and clear. We can wholeheartedly trust in whatever we are studying and don’t have to constantly wonder if it’s true or not. Conversely, faith is just the excuse we have to believe in something when there is no evidence to support it. Faith seems to be much more admirable and praiseworthy to god than evidence. He’s not like an earthly parent who wants you to know that they’re always there. He’s like the boogey man in the closet who only exists in your imagination but isn’t there when you turn on the closet light.

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